Project Airstream

"The Mobile Green Room"

Our bands play hard, and when they need the comforts of home, they turn to our new Air Stream Trailer.  This 1971 Land Yacht is fully restored on the inside to provide our bands and guests a comfortable, safe and unique environment!

Intended uses for this iconic addition to Summer Sounds include:

  • Dressing/green room/bathroom for performing bands: We’ll park the trailer behind the stageand access will be limited to the bands and volunteer staff. This will provide a place for the artists to change clothes, warm up, etc. as well as give them a private space.

  • Traveling promotional vehicle: Look for the trailer at various events around Cedarburg and Milwaukee. The Airstream is currently being used at SummerFest as a part of Project Safe Haven in partnership with the Grammys. Safe Haven provides a drug and alcohol free zone for musicians at major concert venues.

  • Video show: In the future Summer Sounds will investigate opportunities with PBS, local radio stations, YouTube, etc. to record artists in the trailer (both interview & performance footage) and post the videos on TV, YouTube, local radio station’s website, etc. This is another great tool to promote the series but more importantly, enhance Cedarburg’s artistic and aesthetic experiences while at the same time, portray Cedarburg as a special, progressive and artistic city. We would seek out assistance from the local high school and provide opportunities for students of all ages to assist and make this happen.

Project Airstream Sponsors

Greater Cedarburg Foundation  |  Wal-Mart  |   Bose  |  Amish Craftsmen Guild

Cascio Interstate Music  |  Kohl's Flooring  |  Capitol Husting  |  Glaze  |  Techteriors